Ben Chumak

Company owner and founder, Ben Chumak, has more than 25 years working in the industry. He quickly became a proficient and gifted tile setter and craftsman after working for a high profile tile company for several years. It was soon apparent he had the skills necessary to launch out and begin his own business. Now an independent business owner and contractor for more than 15 years, he continues to offer his clients the very best the industry has to offer.

“I love what I do. I am blessed to have the opportunity of looking forward to going to work each day. I learned from a young age that I enjoy working with my hands. Growing up I found myself often disassembling and reassemble things, trying to figure out
how they worked. My creativity would guide me through the process and I’d sometimes construct something entirely new. In my work today, I find great enjoyment and satisfaction in designing and creating things, finding and outcome that is both functional and beautiful.

Getting to know my clients is something I really enjoy, to learn of their desires for their own unique project. It’s inspiring to capture their ideas and bring what they have dreamed into reality. Nothing makes me happier and gives me more satisfaction than overwhelming my clients when their expectations have been met above and beyond.”

Work is good, but so is play. Outside of his work Ben enjoys time with his wife and four kids. In addition to time with friends and family Ben enjoys the outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to complete each project is dependent upon the size and complexity of the project. We do everything from minor remodel projects to complete renovations of homes and buildings. Because of this, it’s impossible to predict the length of each project without a consultation on the specifics of your project.

Similar to the length of the project, it’s difficult to predict how much your renovation will cost before consulting with you on the specifics of your project. We gladly provide estimates after discussing your project so that you can know exactly how much to budget.

If it is a small project, we will make every attempt to allow you to remain in your home by covering your floors with paper and walls with plastic etc. so the impact of our work on your life is minimal. If the project is a major renovation, you may need to find another living arrangement for the duration of our work.

We work any hours that will accommodate your schedule the most. We normally work a typical 8AM to 5PM day bet we can also work evenings and weekends. Whatever schedule works best to complete the project as quickly as possible. Whichever schedule works best for you, we will clearly communicate the hours we will be working and modify our schedule as necessary.

It’s not uncommon for changes or additions to be requested as a project unfolds. This typically is not a problem and we will gladly discuss your options if you do happen to request changes during the project. Because the specifics of your project will have been included in the contract before we begin your project, it’s possible that there may be additional costs depending on the changes that are requested.

The value that a remodeling project adds to your home is determined by what is done and the housing market in general. Kitchen and bathroom remodels tend to be the most expensive but normally increase the value of the home beyond the cost of the remodel.

Once you have decided to hire us for your project, we will work out a time that works best for both of us begin. Our goal is to complete your project in a timely manner with your satisfaction as our main goal.

Typically, we require a 50% deposit before starting work and require the remaining 50% once the project is complete.

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